Monday, July 26, 2010


by Sandra Marks

Cheri Tyne is the queen of Grant's View High school. She's head cheerleader, on her way to being valedictorian, and her boyfriend, Nick, is thinking about proposing. Or so she's heard. She's just got a few more things to check off her list, and she'll be a shoo-in for Harvard. Next up, sponsoring a new student.

Joelle Rainer just moved in from Alaska and is signed up for the sponsoring program. She's reluctant at first, but when she sees her sponsor, she immediately reconsiders. The girl is gorgeous, kind, funny, smart, and someone she feels safe around.

The two become fast friends, and as time goes on they get closer and closer. Now they're drawing all the wrong sort of attention. Joelle's parents try to set her up with her neighbor. Nick is getting suspicious, and Cheri's not sure what to tell him. Or even what to tell herself.

With the prom approaching, what will the two decide? Can they make themselves and their parents happy, or will they have to choose one or the other?

Eh, probably not.

I found a couple postings of this Summer Break Reading Challenge, where people had to use random generators to make a book cover and then write a synopsis for it. Even though I was late in finding and participating, I figured there wasn't any harm in participating. It looked fun.

Making the cover was a lot of fun (I really lucked out on that picture)...writing the synopsis for the book was hard! Considering Realistic-YA is NOT my forte, I had a hard time figuring out what to write. I mean, there's a girl in a swimsuit (or underwear...) dangling a cherry from her finger to someone shorter or sitting down (hence the angle). Oookay, other than being bizarrely similar to the Twilight cover, that doesn't give me much.

My other idea was Cheri sponsoring a child genius who made her life a living hell. And, given my choice, I would rather read about that. Honestly, I'm not much into romance, and I'd prefer reading about YA dysfunctional friendships than serious relationships (straight or otherwise).

So, if you saw this cover in a bookstore, would you pick it up? What would you think the story was about? Can you come up with a better storyline?