Monday, August 29, 2011

You Might Be A Zombie If...

Zombies Don't Cry
~Zombies Don't Cry~
A Living Dead Love Story
Book 1

By Rusty Fischer
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Zombies Don't Blog

Maddy Swift is just your average high school junior. Good grades, but not too brainy. Preppy, but not obnoxiously so. And definitely not buying this whole "Cursed Home Ec Class" theory her best friend's pushing on her. Sure, three deaths in three months is tragic, but her dad's the coroner and all of them were ruled accidental. End. Of. Story.

Besides, who can worry about curses when there's a new transfer to drool over? Stamp Crosby is currently the most sought after guy in the school, so Maddy's a little more than surprised when she's able to snag a private conversation twice in one day. And she's downright shocked when he goes so far to ask her out. Hey, she may not believe in curses, but no one said anything about knocking good luck!

Thing is, there may be something to this curse thing. Cause if getting a bolt of lightning to the skull and waking up without a heartbeat is normal... But if coming to terms with her new undead status wasn't enough, Maddy's got a father to fool, a Zombie apocalypse to prevent, and a date to find before the Fall Formal! What's a Zombie to do?

It's a habit of mine to search my library for new authors as soon as I learn of them. When Rusty contacted me to review his latest e-book, Ushers, Inc., I performed my traditional search and was surprised and excited to see a book in the system. Zombies Don't Cry was currently on-order, but after reading and loving his last book, I had to get my hands on this one ASAP. And I'm glad I did.