Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reading Challenge Addict

I've always been a bit of a collector. Whether it's movies, music, or books, I just can't seem to stop from amassing a sizable (and gorgeous) collection. And I guess it's the same when it comes to reading challenges.

I've already signed up for 8, and am hosting another!
I think I have a problem...

So what better way to treat myself than to enter a challenge about challenges?

Reading Challenge Addict
Hosted by Reading Challenge Addict

So here's my official list of challenges.
I may or may not add more, but at the moment I'm shooting for the  
On the Roof level of completing 6-10 challenges.

2012 Reading Challenge
Hosted by GoodReads

Challenge: Count any and all books read this year.

Goal: 50 books

Completed: 7/50

Off The Shelf!Off The Shelf Challenge 2012
Hosted by Bookish Ardour

Challenge: Read books you own but haven't yet read. Books must have been acquired before the start of this year.

Goal: Trying ~ 15 books

Completed: 4/15

Amazon's Best Books of 2011Amazon's Best Books of 2011 Challenge
Hosted by Wickedly Delicious Tales

Challenge: Read books featured on Amazon's Best Books of 2011.

Goal: Novice ~ 5 books

Completed: 0/5

Read-A-Phrase Challenge 2012
Hosted by Books, Crafts, & Life In General

Challenge: Read a book for each letter in a phrase of your choosing.

Goal: When in doubt, shoot the wizard

Completed: 2/25

Girl Power Reading Challenge 2012Girl Power Reading Challenge 2012
Hosted by The Wolf's Den

Challenge: Read books written by or highlighting strong women
- no damsels in distress!

Goal: Duchess Level ~ 35 books

Completed: 5/35

Dusty Bookshelf ChallengeThe Dusty Bookshelf Challenge 2012
Hosted by Books: A True Story

Challenge: Read books you own but haven't yet read.

Goal: Cobwebs ~ 10-15 books

Completed: 4/15

Free Reads Challenge 2012Free Reads Challenge 2012
Hosted by Bookish Ardour

Challenge: Read books you've received for free from gifting, giveaways, ARCs, or promotions. No library books.

Goal: On The Cheap Level ~ 15 books

Completed: 6/15

Audiobook ChallengeAudiobook Challenge 2012
Hosted by Teresa's Reading Corner

Challenge: Listen to audiobooks.

Goal: Going Steady ~ 12 books

Completed: 0/12

Witches & Witchcraft Challenge Witches & Witchcraft Challenge
Hosted by Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

Challenge: Read books featuring witches or witchcraft.

Goal: Crone Level ~ 16-20 books

Completed: 1/16

That's 9 challenges right there! Any others you think I should give a try?

Keep track of my progress on my Reading Challenges page.