Monday, June 11, 2012

School Unity! ...Sorta

School Unity HallowSpell Comic
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So yeah... That last comic I posted? Here's what it turned into.

I came to the realization last week that between having too many characters, too much build up, and too little payoff, that other comic wasn't going to work. I needed to cut the fat (even though I kinda loved the prefect...he might be making a return ;D) and refocus on what really mattered; mainly my main character and her story(s). Sound familiar to anyone?

But yeah, here's Hallow Chandler. Named halfly from my username (HallowSpell149) and halfly after Tris Chandler (who you should totally recognize by now), the most awesomest red-head ever. I debated showing her first reactions to the sorting, but I figured that was nothing new. A lot of people have been surprised/disappointed at their sortings, and I don't think I could bring anything original to the table. So instead we have Hallow a little while after settling in. Not to worry, we'll no doubt encounter some of her misgivings in the future.

Possibly a major factor in creating this comic is the fact that the majority of my RL friends (including my sister) are Slytherins, and it's really fun to egg them on. The next comic may or may not address some retaliation. It's so much fun to torture characters.

So, what do you think? Have an idea for a fun (and easy to draw) story line? 
Feel free to leave a comment below!

Also, if you do feel inclined to friend me on Pottermore, please comment or contact me somehow to tell me your username so I can nickname you first! 
I'm really trying not to have random nameless friends on there.