Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Heylow all!

So I'm officially starting a blog! Hurray! Now, where's my ticker-tape parade? ...Drat. I guess this little bit of confetti will have to do.

Well, I suppose I should probably introduce myself and set out my gameplan for this here doodad.

I'm Vicki Smallwood, otherwise known as StormyWolf, Stormy, Storm, Vicks, and the occasional Victoria thrown in for good measure. I'm a recent undergraduate with a B.A. from Linfield College - majored in Creative Writing, minored in History - and am now starting to feel the strain of student loans coming due. But I digress on that particular dreary thought...and move on to more cheerful ones.

Further fueling my poverty, I am an avid reader and TV junkie. I'm mostly interested with fantasy books (young-adult and up) but am generally interested in any good writing. The bookstore and local library are my best friends, while the stack of receipts on my desk are most definitely not. But c'est la vi, it seems a small price to pay for sanity.

Other enemies I've accrued are the cable and internet bills, who unfortunately have symbiotic relationships with my other friends, TV and Laptop. The most notable guests into my magic talking box are House M.D., Castle, Leverage, Bones, Fringe, Burn Notice, and Sanctuary. There are a few other daily or weekly visitors, but the aforementioned group get the good china.

And then, after I've pried my fingers from the page, or finished fluffing the cushions for the next evening's guest, I'm usually exercising my digits by punching away at the alphabet. The major outlet of exercise is currently a written role-play site based in the Harry Potter universe. Not only do I own and write for multiple original characters (Stormy Kael, Raven Azure, Narada Moon, Jenny Taggart, Shauna Thercer, Amy Gordon) but I also aid in moderation and graphic design. Essentially, I read through posts, offer advice with characters or scenes, enforce site rules, and discuss new activities or events with the other mods and admins, as well as help find and customize or create skins, banners, buttons, and miscellaneous items for the site. Diffindo is a small community, but we're a close-knit group who enjoy what we share.

But enough about me. I'm sure you're curious what this blog is about. Well, let me tell you. Or, you know, you could just stop reading if you don't want to know...

Anyway, this here blog is here to highlight my writing style and ability. It will most likely consist of opinion pieces, reviews, short fiction, and the occasional reflection. Updates will come weekly, but might increase their pace if and when inspiration hits. I anticipate some pieces may be first-person narrative but convey opinions or histories that are not my own. I will place this disclaimer here, and possibly below the pieces as well.

And...I think that's about it for this first post. Until the next time,


Currently Reading: The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie
TV Anticipation: Human Target, American Idol, Leverage