Monday, August 2, 2010

Blog Award(s)

Woot! My first blog award! Many thanks to Jazz from About Books Blog for giving me this one.
And I also got one from Heather at Buried in Books! Thanks Heather!!

Here's How This Award Works:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic for whatever reason! (In no particular order...)
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

7 Things About Me

1. I watch WALL-E to fall asleep.

2. I bought my first dress ever a couple weeks ago.

3. I am allergic to Chocolate Mousse (but I don't know how).

4. I attended a college with a student body smaller than my high school's.

5. My room has a full-wall-mural of a castle, which I like to pretend is Hogwarts.

6. I was on a bowling league through middle and high school; my best game was in the 240's.

7. Seven is my favorite number, and its double is my second favorite; hence this website's address.

15 Versatile Bloggers
 On to the 15 bloggers I will award, in no particular order...
1. En Violet
2. The Bodacious Pen
3. DJ's Life in Fiction
4. HKBuena Sketchblog
5. J. Cordelia
6. Something Like That
7. ...with sprinkles!
8. The Story Siren
9. Patricia's Particularity
10. -La Femme Readers-
11. Teens Read And Write
12. All-Consuming Books
13. Badass Bookie
14. Inside of a Dog
15. Reads, Reviews, Recommends

You are all welcome to continue the pass-along, or not. I know it's hard not to get repetitive.