Friday, August 27, 2010

L is for Lifetime Learner

My dad, Kevin, has graciously offered to guest blog today and offer me a little time to regather my thoughts. So, if you'll kindly lend your attention to him today...

In a few weeks, I turn 53. That's older than dirt according to my two daughters, one of which you all are regular blog readers (well, until now—maybe not after my post). And I'm guessing that while Vicki has a wide range of ages that read her blog, most are probably near her age.

I am an avid reader, but I mostly read non-fiction. What I read just makes Vicki fall asleep, but I can't help it. To me, reading some new management technique (like how to recruit and hire technical people), information about a computer security exploit, or something new about open source software is exciting. I get jazzed learning new things—especially new things that I can put into practice.

While I read non-fiction to learn, I realize that people who read fiction are also learning. They are learning about historical events, events that could happen with enough imagination and determination, or about whole new worlds.

Most of us ended our formal education, or did we? Nearly at age 53, I can assure you that you never stop learning something new. Whether what you learn is some new computer algorithm or how to cast a spell, you still learn. Never give up on that.

If you aren't learning something new each and every day, you are either dead, or should wish that you are. Read! Enjoy what you are reading. Show real passion for whatever you do, but never stop learning. Trust me, life is way too short.

Now, what did you learn today?

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