Saturday, August 28, 2010

M is for Music

Music has always been a vital part of my life. I listen to it while reading, while writing, in the car, at the stores, and it's often on while I'm going to sleep. I could easily call it my lifeblood, if ink weren't already flowing in my veins.

I listen to a wide variety of music. From pop to classical, from techno to country, I have very eclectic tastes. About the only music I regularly decline is rap or screaming-rock. I find classical or symphonic music best for reading or writing, because lyrics easily pull me out of focus (ie, I can never think of the right word when someone's talking in my ear).

If nothing else is doing it for me, I usually turn on a movie soundtrack. They're exciting, dramatic, suspenseful, heroic, grandiose, and sometimes I just need the proper mood.

Not only do I listen to music regularly, but I've also been a part of making music for nearly half of my life. I played trumpet through all of Jr. and Sr. High and College, in concert, pit, and pep bands, as well as playing in various handbell choirs. And while I don't normally sing in public, I can carry pitch alright.

Whether it's in movies, on the radio, or during my creative periods, music inspires and shapes my mood. How do you use music?

Waking Up: Dreams ~ Alysha
Good Day: I Gotta Feeling ~ Black Eyed Peas
Bad Day: Fix You ~ Coldplay
Long Day: City ~ Sara Bareilles
Lullaby: Fairytale ~ Enya

Happy Mood: Animal Jam ~ Scott Bakula (Cats Don't Dance Soundtrack)
Being Reckless: Technicolor Phase ~ Owl City
Sneaking Out: Undercover ~ Joey DeLuxe
Your Favorite Summer Song: Rollercoaster ~ B*Witched
Road Trip: Life is a Highway ~ Rascal Flatts
Vacation: Leaving Port ~ Titanic Soundtrack
Your Drinking Song: The Kilburn High Road ~ Flogging Molly
Your Party Song: Living on a Prayer ~ Bon Jovi

Loving Mood: Poker Face ~ Lea Michele & Idina Menzel (Glee)
Falling in Love: I Knew I Loved You ~ Savage Garden
Your First Love: Castles in the Air ~ B*Witched
Summer Love: Rooftops and Invitations ~ Dashboard Confessional
Winter Romance: It is You I Have Loved ~ Dana Glover (Shrek Soundtrack)
Making Out: Danger Zone ~ Kenny Loggins
Seeing an Old Love: Everytime We Touch ~ Cascada
Breaking Up: Say Goodbye ~ Skillet
Making Up: Total Eclipse of the Heart ~ Glee Cast

Angry Mood: I'll Sue Ya ~ Weird Al Yankovic
After a Fight With Your Best Friend: Walk Away ~ Kelly Clarkson
..................... With Your Parents: When They Came For Us ~ Shiny Toy Guns
..................... With Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Don't Tell Me ~ Avril Lavigne

Quiet Mood: Can't Take it In ~ Imogen Heap
Remembering: To Build A Home ~ The Cinematic Orchestra
Childhood Memories: Bohemian Polka ~ Weird Al Yankovic
The Song that Reminds You of Your Childhood Town: Home ~ Daughtry
The Song that Reminds You of the One Thing You Wish You Could Get Back: Numb ~ Linkin Park

Depressed Mood: Heartless ~ Kris Allen
Loosing Your Best Friend: Hemorrhage (In My Hands) ~ Fuel
Loosing Your Love: Without You ~ Rent Soundtrack
Loosing a Family Member: Everything I Do ~ Bryan Adams

The Song that Ties Your Life Together: Jai Ho ~ Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack
Song for Growing Up: The Trail We Blaze ~ Elton John
Your School Days: Learn to Do It ~ Anastasia Soundtrack
Senior Week: Hey Ya! ~ OutKast
Graduation Day: Why Don't You Get a Job? ~ The Offspring
Your Wedding: Love Led Us Here ~ Muppet Treasure Island Soundtrack
Song When You Have Kids: Heels Over Head ~ Boys Like Girls
Your Kids' Graduation: Come What May ~ Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
Your Funeral Song: Great Spirits ~ Tina Turner (Brother Bear Soundtrack)
Your Best Friend's Song for You: Thnks fr th Mmrs ~ Fall Out Boy
Your Family's Song For You: Back To Me ~ All-American Rejects
Song You're Remembered By: Hum Hallelujah ~ Fall Out Boy

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