Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wonder-No-More Wednesday (4)

Wonder-No-More Wednesday Rules:

1. Answer every question to the best of your ability.
No one or two-word responses. Take some time with your replies.

 2. Each question must at least be acknowledged.
If you're uncomfortable providing a truthful response,
at least thank the commenter for their curiosity.

3. If there are no questions, provide a question of your own.
What're you reading? How was your day? What'd you do this weekend?
And then, of course, respond to it.
There's no reason you can't indulge your readers' curiosity.

This Meme may be copied on your own pages, but please link it back to me and my blog.
Thank you!

M.A. Chase of The Guide to Good Books asks:
I've been wanting to read the City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. Is it awesomeness?
~ Well, I found it pretty enjoyable. I might have been a little put off by the hype surrounding it, and so didn't find it quite up to my expectations, but it was good enough to propel me to continue with the series. You can read my (spoiler-free) review if you'd like more of my opinion.

Chelle of The Prairie Library asks:
I don't know about this Tilney fellow. He's almost too mysterious, ya know?
~ Hm, I suppose he might be. But so far, he's the best alternative to John Thorpe, and I just can't imagine Miss Austen would torture poor Catherine with two ineligible suitors! Horror of horrors! ;)

Julie P. of Reading without Restraint asks:
I haven't seen My Book Essential before, what is it?
~ It is an external hard-drive that hooks into your computer via USB. My laptop only has so much disk space, and it runs best when it's less full, so I use an extra hard-drive to store large files, such as my music library (60+ GB) and the occasional video file or large (book-size) PDF. It's also useful for creating back-ups, in case my main hard drive (or laptop in general) dies. That way, if something happens I can still save my important documents (school projects, stories, pictures) and access them on a new computer.
    The 'My Book Essential' is the specific model of hard-drive I got.

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