Monday, September 6, 2010

V is for Vicki

That's right. Today it's all about me.

Hi! I'm Vicki! Yes, notice it's an i, not a y nor an ie. Just i. Don't worry, it's actually easier to type than the other variations. You're welcome.

I'm a native-born Hoosier, but have become an Oregonian over time. Less humidity, less heat, more hills/mountains, and more variety in weather & scenery. Plus no sales tax. Yes, you should all come and visit.

I attended 4 different elementary-schools, 2 middle-schools, and 1 high-school, placing my total at 7 schools before college. This was partly because of the move from Indiana to Oregon, and partly because the school districts decided to re-zone part-way through my education. We actually moved again while I was in high-school, placing me in a different school's boundaries, but didn't tell anybody... Shhhhhh *shifty look*

College was pretty straight forward: I attended LC for 4 years and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing (minor in History). LC was actually smaller than my high-school! Yeah, it's pretty nice when your largest class has only 35 students.

But, of course, school isn't all about learning. I played trumpet throughout middle-school (concert band, honor band & marching band), high-school (concert band, wind ensemble, marching band, pep band & pit orchestra) and college (concert band, wind symphony, brass ensemble & pep band). I definitely wasn't the best there, but I loved playing and participating.

In middle-school and high-school I also bowled regularly: leagues, tournaments, and a few all-night events. I've since gotten very out-of-habit, so it takes a game or two to 'warm up', but I can still hit 200 games. My last average was in the 180's and my high-game was 242 (I think...I know it was in the 240s). I'd love to get back into bowling, but league fees are an extra expense I can't afford at the moment.

I'm still unemployed and looking for a job. I'd like to stay out of retail, but (unfortunately) that's all the experience I've had so far. I've worked in a grocery store, a shoe store, and a video rental store. I'd love to work in a book store or something having to do with books (publishing, editing, etc.), but pretty much now, I'm just looking for a job. Silly economy. I think it's time for some of my favorite things!

Favorite Color: Blue
(Can't you tell?)

Favorite Animal: Wolf
(This is a little too easy)

Favorite TV Show: House/Bones
(Really, I have a few, but those two are my absolute faves)

Favorite Movie: WALL-E
(Okay, now you're just being mean!)

Favorite Book: Harry Potter
(You evil, EVIL person!)

Favorite Video Game: Pokemon
(Currently addicted to Pearl)

Favorite Music Genre: Movie Soundtrack
(But I have very eclectic tastes)

Favorite Social Networking Site: Facebook
(Without all those annoying apps)

Favorite Verb: To Smirk
(Stormy enjoys smirking way too much)

Favorite Word: Inevitable
(How sinister can you get?)

Favorite Mythological Creature: Gorgon
(Medusa FTW)

Favorite Paranormal Creature: Werewolf
(*Dodges fireballs from the demons*)

Favorite Female Name: Keelie
(Not too many out there)

Favorite Male Name: Jasper
(Hey, I glommed onto it WAY before Twilight)

Favorite Reading Place: Sprawled out on a couch
(Or sprawled in bed)

Well, I think that about sums me up. Any questions?

A Couple V Books I've Read:

A Versatile V Group:

The V Font: