Friday, September 10, 2010

Z is for Zadi

This post will be picture-heavy. If you have problems viewing/loading these, I apologize beforehand.

This is my cat, Zadi.

Zadi is a tad overweight.
But that just means there's more of him to love.

Zadi is often curious about new things
like camera cords.

He also likes stealing my desk chair.
But I can usually please him with a pillow beside the desk.

Or, if all else fails, he likes curling up in my other chair.
And yes, he's that cute all the time.

Zadi and I will have been together for 8 years this October. Why "Zadi"? Well, I didn't want to name him after food (Pumpkin, Reeses, etc.) and I wanted something original (not Tiger or Garfield). So I ended up using Scheherazade, which was the marching show I was performing the year I got him. Cher, Cheri and Hera are all obviously female, so I had to go with the final part of the name...thus Zadi.

Zadi is very vocal. He meows pretty much all the time, whether he wants petted, food, water, or general attention. He's quick to purr, though, and he loves having his chin rubbed. He loves lying on his back, and sometimes allows you to rub his tummy. But if he thinks you're going to pick him up, he's quick to turn over and bolt.

Possibly because of his weight, Zadi does not like being picked up. He digs his claws into you, tenses all his muscles, and tries to bolt whenever he gets a chance. This makes clipping his nails extra fun. Every once in a while, when he's in an especially good mood or there's no one else around, I can coax him into letting me hold him for a bit. Again, he usually does best on his back, his feet sprawled every which way, and me rubbing his belly.

As far as working goes, he doesn't seem to appreciate me being at the computer. As I wrote above, Zadi loves stealing my desk chair when I'm gone. Sometimes it seems like he's attracted to the warmth, other times he jumps up just before I plan on sitting there—like he's warming it up for me. Though he's probably not happy about it, I can get him to move easily enough (usually by threatening to sit on him or pick him up).

He doesn't often jump up on the desk (usually because of lack of space) but when he does brave the leap, he tends to enjoy lying on top of my mouse. With his size, he can easily encompass it. And then he enjoys pawing at my hand and hitting keys. Once again, threatening to pick him up (or actually accomplishing it) tends to get him back on the ground. ...Where his yowling recommences.

All in all, I wouldn't trade my kitty for the world. Sure, he's a little noisy, and doesn't like cuddling on any terms but his own, but he's soft, fluffy, and very loving.

Well? How 'bout your pets? Got any great stories?

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