Friday, January 14, 2011

Book Blogger Hop (8)

Book Blogger Hop

Why do you read the genre that you do?
What draws you to it?

I read mainly Fantasy. This then trickles down into the subgenres of Urban Fantasy, Paranormal (Romance), Supernatural, Fairytales, etc.
I also enjoy reading a lot of Fantasy directed at YA.

Now for the big question...

For me, reading means escape. It means taking a step out of my boring/depressing/stagnant life and jumping into someone else's for a while. While it's nice to have some similarities between characters and myself, I want something new, exotic, fantastical. I don't want to be reminded of normal life, I want to be whisked away and not think about it.

High Fantasy takes me away to a world where anything is possible. In worlds where magic is in charge, everyone seems to have more of a fighting chance. Sure, there's sometimes some tricky vocabulary to tackle, but once that's done it's easy to forget everything and become lost in the pages.

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal/Supernatural books tend to be rooted in our world, but contain fantasy elements. I love werewolves, vampires, wizards, witches, demons, angels, superheros, villains, and the like because they take a small part of what I'm familiar with, but have so many more possibilities. When I'm reading these, it's hard not to glance around for traces of magic lurking just out of vision.

Young Adult fiction reaches me because in many cases I'm still young and inexperienced. Though I'm 5-8 years older than a lot of the characters, I still feel I can relate to their problems, their questions, their pain. And in that way, I'm with them through their triumphs, too.

So to me, reading is an escape.
It's exciting, it's eventful, it's not anything I'll ever experience.
Except through a book.

What about you? What do you read, and why?

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