Saturday, March 10, 2012

What I've Been Up To - Smiling Moon Creations

So remember a while back when I wasn't posting anything? Okay, okay, not that long ago, really. But did you ever wonder what I was doing in my spare time instead of reading?

Hello from Smiling Moon Creations! We are a mother and (2) daughter team each with our own unique artistic abilities that we weave together in one-of-a-kind creations. Based off of Lewis Carroll's Cheshire Cat, we're a bit quirky, a little whimsical, and extra crafty.

We operate from a smoke-free household but, as evidenced by our logo, we are cat-lovers and as such we do own two cats who like to watch as we work. Being of the mischievous sort, they do occasionally come in contact with our products. Good thing all our products are easily washable. If special accommodations need to be worked in prior to shipping, do let us know.

We specialize in casual, functional, sturdy, easy-care products. Right now we are focusing on hand-knitted hats & scarves, unique playmat totes, and upcycled / recycled jeans bags. We thank you for your interest, and if you purchase, we hope you enjoy your products as much as we enjoyed making them.
That's our introduction on our Etsy shop. That's right, my mom, sister and I have started a hand-crafting business. Or...more of a hobby with benefits.

My mom is a sewing addict - has been since she was young. Her mother never liked to sew, so on my mom's tenth birthday she received a sewing machine and was sent to the local 4H leader to learn how to sew. She has been experimenting with materials and arguing with her sewing machine ever since.

My sister has been talented with her hands since infancy. Between making clay figurines, crafting cosplay outfits, and her 2D artistic talents, she should be set for life. She started knitting hats at Youth Camp a couple years ago and has since moved on to knitting scarves and is even experimenting with ears! She's the knitting guru at the moment, easily churning out hats at 1-per-hour (so long as the pattern isn't too complex).

And then there's me. I'm not too into handcrafting, but I handle the technical side of things. I pose and photograph all our items, tinker in the photo-editing programs, then upload and describe them on our 3 main venues. I also run our Etsy shop, our DeviantArt account, and our Facebook page.

What kind of products do we make? So glad you asked! Below are pictures and links to our galleries. Etsy links will take you to what we have currently for sale, while DeviantArt and Facebook will showcase some of our commissioned and previously sold items.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed my little show and tell. We've enjoyed making our products and look forward to receiving more commissions and opportunities in the future.

If you're interested in any of the products you've seen, feel free to leave a comment below, or follow the links to our other sites.