Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Free Reads Challenge 2012

Free Reads Challenge
Hosted by Bookish Ardour

Are you one of those book lovers who receive lots of books for presents? Have unread books lying around that you won in giveaways, received as ARCs, were given second hand, or even found lying around in the street? Then you might want to join in this challenge because we’re aiming to read all those unread books received as freebies in some form.

I'll be aiming for the On The Cheap level of picking up 15 books this year.

Between Amazon's free Kindle books and the few I've been meaning to read/review from giveaways and requests...I should have a pretty good list to choose from.

Anything great you've seen for free lately? Leave a comment below, and wish me luck!

Keep track of my progress on my Reading Challenges page.