Thursday, September 2, 2010

R is for Random

That's right, this'll be pretty much a stream-of-consciousness post. I won't guarantee it'll be relevant, entertaining, or insightful...but it's a post, and that's the only requirement I had for this challenge.

If you couldn't tell, my excitement about this challenge I set myself is starting (starting?) to die out. For one, I didn't plan everything out beforehand, so I still have some days (like this one) where I don't have a planned topic. Thus, not only am I coming to the table blog late in the game day, at which time I'm already tired, but I'm also having to come up with something on the fly that I want to talk/write about. Not my brightest idea ever.

So why didn't I plan things out beforehand? Well, when I came up with the idea (August 16), I realized that my P day fell exactly on the release of Paranormalcy. Who could ask for anything better? So I jumped in full-throttle and wrote the A post that very night.

And now about the only thing keeping me going is that I'm over halfway through...and I'm still looking forward to S, T, V, and W. So yeah, still no idea what I'm doing for U, X or Y...and Z is gonna be a stretch.

Ah well, at least I've stayed on track so far.

Which is more than I can say for keeping up with blogs. I'm currently over 2 weeks behind on about half the blogs I follow. I've got 552 in my UF/P folder, and that number grows about 50 per day. In fact, I finally caught up on my YA folder last night, and in just one day it's grown back to 42. Le sigh. I think I follow too many blogs.

*checks playlist...reshuffles*

I've recently been using music tracks I've found on YouTube instead of my iTunes music. It's probably not the best use of my processing power, but it's more current and much cheaper.

Oh, I updated my J is for Jokes post with a great joke I was emailed earlier today, and a hilarious video I found. You should go check it out!

I have to say, I'm slightly disappointed by the comments (well, lack thereof) for my posts. I know the content isn't 1st class or anything, but even a couple chuckles or responses to the questions might be nice. Perhaps I should check out that Google Analytics thing to see how many actual visits I get.

Or I could stop complaining.

Sorry 'bout that. I've been a bit down lately, and not just about the blog. I'm still job hunting, and my latest attempt, which I put A LOT of effort into, got me an instantaneous NO as soon as I hit submit. I'm not even kidding. Sure, I knew I didn't meet the specific qualifications (working in a library for 2 years & have coursework in Library Science) but I have a lot of experience which I thought was comparable. I don't think any of my work is even reaching human eyes. Ugh.

Meantime I should get back on the horse and continue submitting to other employers.

And read my e-ARCs. I won't lie, I'm not exactly jumping on the bandwagon here. I really just need to open the Adobe-Reader and start reading...but I'm just so easily distracted by the other things (blogs? videos?) I could be reading/watching on my computer. If I'm going to be reading lots of e-books in the future, I think I'd rather get an e-reader to do it with so I can better separate my 'work' and play.

Sorry, more complaining. Maybe I'd be better off just pointing you to a video. Here's what's playing right now: Huddy - Everytime We Touch (Cascada). Sorry, I'd normally embed it, but embedding's been disabled.

Yeah, I'm a huge Huddy (House/Cuddy) fan. Have been since season...2 when I started watching. I'm super excited that it's finally happening this season! Fall can't arrive soon enough. ...Wait! It's already September!!! How much longer?!

Okay, I'm addicted to TV. House, Bones, Glee, Fringe...and a lot more that my tired mind isn't coming up with. No, I'm not ashamed to admit that I like books AND television. If you ask me, TV writing often has to be just as witty and precise as book writing. So...there =P

Well, I think my brain's just about dead. Hope you've enjoyed 45 minutes in my head. Now to find and link to the books and video seen below...

Oh, and if you'd like to help me out, mind coming up with fun topics for days U, X, and Y?

Some R Books I've Read:

A Rowdy R Group:

The R Font: