Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

I know I did a Top Ten Tuesday last week,
and I might still do one later today.

But first here's a pretty spiffy idea from MizB at I Should Be Reading:

Teaser Tuesday
~ Grab your current read ~
~ Open to a random page ~
~ Share a short passage (around 2 sentences) from somewhere on that page ~
~ Share the title & author, too ~

High Wizardry
High Wizardry
by Diane Duane
    "Huh," she said to herself, as possibilities flickered through her head. Did Dad have the software encrypted somehow so that Nita and I can't get into it? But why? He wants us to use it. She let out a breath. Maybe it just wants an ID code for the user—there're some programs that do that. She squinted at the screen a moment, then smiled and typed in a private joke: the code name that a certain untrained farm boy used in his fighter run on the Death Star, a name that suited Dairine since she had inherited her mother's red hair. RED FIVE, she typed and hit the carriage return.
~Pages 48 & 49

Be sure to post or link me to your own teasers in the comments!

And go ahead and spread the word back to MizB on her post.

The Top Ten Tuesday theme is the tried and true
Books You'd Bring When You're Stranded on a Desert Island
I'll pass this week.