Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Write Your A** Off!

Okay, first off, an announcement:

This post is not just about Write Your A** Off.
That information will be located at the end of the post.
Scroll down if you're really that impatient.

Thank you.
Now to other news.

Video Games

Following my rushed reading spree of both the Hitchhikers' series and the Mercy Thompson books (review links located on the right) I decided to take some time off and revisit a video game I've put off for some time.

Now, I'm not very good at video games in general. Anyone who knows me can tell you that. I'm not the greatest with hand-eye coordination, so anything involving timed running/jumping or shooting is right out. And combos? I'm more for button-mashing.

Really, the only games I'm any good at whatsoever are Turn-Based Role-Play Games. Pokemon is always a good mind-numbing game to play while watching TV. I played through the Ace Attorney games bing, bang, boom. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon was fun while it lasted, but I conquered it pretty quickly.

A friend, upon discovering my enjoyment of RPGs traded me a game he'd fiddled around with, but ultimately found too long and confusing. Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled proved to be right up my alley.

It has a great story and is very immersive. Only complaints I (and many people) have with it is how often the "random encounters" occur. Like Pokemon, when you're walking through the world, creatures/people suddenly attack you. But unlike Pokemon, there's no 'repel' or way to lessen the rate of battles. In fact, they pop up even MORE often than in Pokemon. Main reason I consulted a walk-through -- the battles would make me forget where I'd come from/where I was going.

There are also a couple (documented) glitches in the game. Sometimes you'd walk through a door and it wouldn't let you exit again. Or it'd say you'd acquired an item but it didn't show up in your inventory. There were other times, however, when I'd be walking along and the game would suddenly freeze. And (again, unlike Pokemon) save areas are hard to come by, often resulting in an hour down the drain. >_<

But, after 55+ hours of leveling up, item grabbing, and map-consulting (okay, FAQ-walkthrough consulting), I'm happy to say I finally beat the game! Yay! Another (meaningless) accomplishment checked off my list!

Job Hunting

I've started another round of job applications. I'd like to stay out of retail as much as possible, but I'm starting to concede a little. I've applied for a couple teller positions and some management jobs (my degree has to count for something, right?) in a couple retail stores.

I'm happy with my resume, how it's laid out and what it says. Still no bites, but I'm enthusiastic. Not that a lot of these low jobs even look at resumes. Have you seen some of these online applications? Yeah, some have a slot for uploading your resume, but most just ask you to fill in all the information over again on their page. And the questionnaires are confusing and tedious.

What percentage of politicians statements are true?
Over 50%
Between 30% and 50%
Between 30% and 15%
Between 15% and 5%
Under 5%

...What does that have to do with me gathering carts?

People who know you would describe you as...
Much more enthusiastic than others
Slightly more enthusiastic than others
Equally enthusiastic/reserved as others
Slightly more reserved than others
Much more reserved than others

We were out at dinner tonight and I'd describe our server as very enthusiastic. He was funny, he was personable, and he was certainly memorable (I'm writing about him now, aren't I?). But three events stuck out to make me not want him as my server again:
  • As we were ordering drinks, he didn't have a note pad. When the last person ordered--WHILE he was still ordering, actually--he walked away to get our drinks. When he came back without the last one (his hands were full) he then clarified the order he hadn't heard fully because he was walking away.
  • When he was taking the order for a salad, he kept up a 'friendly' conversation. She wanted a salad consisting of ONLY lettuce, carrots, and sliced (not cherry) tomatoes. I couldn't tell if he was trying to be funny, but when he read it back, he added onions and pickles, which she quickly repeated she didn't want. It took about 2 minutes just to order that salad.
  • When we were ordering pies, he again didn't have a note pad, and AGAIN walked away as the last person ordered, so that we had to YELL ACROSS THE ROOM that we wanted his pie in a to-go box.
Enthusiasm might be a good is speediness, but I don't think it's an automatic qualification for customer service.

Ah well, not much I can do about it but sit and wait.

Write Your A** Off
Saturday, June 12th

That's right, it's what you been waiting for!

This Saturday, June 12th, the New York Writer's Coalition is hosting a 3000 word writing challenge. Really, it's just an excuse to write. They say there's strength in numbers, so maybe you can get your nagging friend/sibling/spouse/parent off your back long enough to get some words down.

The Official Page offers a sign-up for prizes, plus prompts, chats, workshops, and resources. If you're in New York (you lucky people, you) you can even attend live events!

I've also invited some people to the event via Facebook Event so I'm hoping for some people I know to get involved.

I don't know if I'll hit 3000 words. I'm not even sure I'm going to work all on one thing. I might write a blog post. I might post comments or responses to comments. I might return to my (much neglected) RP site. Or I might actually focus on my story. Eh, I'll see Saturday.