Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wonder-No-More Wednesday (3)

Wonder-No-More Wednesday Rules:

1. Answer every question to the best of your ability.
No one or two-word responses. Take some time with your replies.

 2. Each question must at least be acknowledged.
If you're uncomfortable providing a truthful response,
at least thank the commenter for their curiosity.

3. If there are no questions, provide a question of your own.
What're you reading? How was your day? What'd you do this weekend?
And then, of course, respond to it.
There's no reason you can't indulge your readers' curiosity.

This Meme may be copied on your own pages, but please link it back to me and my blog.
Thank you!

Julianne of Café Pearl asks:
My reviews read like James Joyce! Is that a bad thing?
~ Hmmm. Not having read anything of his, I'm not quite sure. However, since I have heard of Ulysses, I'd say he's at least notable.
    Plus, from what I've read on Wiki, "Each chapter [of Ulysses] employs its own literary style, and parodies a specific episode in Homer's Odyssey. Furthermore, each chapter is associated with a specific colour, art or science, and bodily organ. This combination of kaleidoscopic writing with an extreme formal schematic structure renders the book a major contribution to the development of 20th-century modernist literature."
    So, no, I'd say it isn't a bad thing at all!

And since that was the only question asked this week, I'm going to have to ask my readers a question.

What is the purpose of Blog Buttons? Should I make one?
~ I've been pondering this for some time, seeing them on various blogs I visit, but I've never actually figured out what they're for... A little help?

And That's A Wrap!