Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pierce in Portland + NaNo Notes

Last week, on the 18th, I had the opportunity to meet one of my author idols, Tamora Pierce.

The event was held downtown, at The Old Church, and was attended by (I'm guessing) upwards of 200 teens, parents, and avid fans of an older variety (such as myself).

There were even a couple cosplayers dressed as Beka Cooper and Barzha Razorwing (Stormwing Queen).

Tamora PierceTamora PierceTamora Pierce

After a short reading from Bloodhound and introduction of her experience as a writer, she then opened the floor up for questions.

Time was short, as it was a school night, so not all the questions were gotten to. Luckily, she was quite talkative afterward during the signing. I had wanted to ask her, "Is there a good rule of thumb for deciding whether or not to kill off a character?" ...But I chickened out and merely asked her, "If you could go to a book signing by any author, alive or dead, who would it be?"

She replied without hesitation:
Neil Gaiman or Stephen King

Tamora PierceTamora PierceTamora Pierce

Of course, as you can see, my picture taking skills leave a bit to be desired. This is partly the fault of the location—lighting was horrible—and partly my own fault for not coming out and asking for a picture.

Oh well, just something to shoot for the next time!

Tamora PierceTamora PierceTamora Pierce

You can listen to (and download) a podcast of the event here.

Keep in mind that she wandered around the stage (and away from the microphones), so you might need to adjust the volume throughout.

And here are my spoils for the evening:

Signed Alanna
♀ rule!
Alright, technically I got this one signed 2 years ago in Chicago...
But here's what I got that night!
Signed Wild Magic
Good luck at NaNoWriMo!
Signed First Test
♀ rule!
Signed Trickster's Choice
May you always get
the right idea
at the right time-
Which leads me to my next point...

I'm participating in this year's NaNoWriMo!

Or, at least I'm going to try.

I know I still have work I need to be doing, and I hate to just up and abandon the blog for a month (again)...

Well, there I go, already making excuses for myself.

Alright, bottom line.
I'm going to try to have fun with it.
I'm going to try for the 50,000 word mark.
I'm going to try and continue reading and reviewing.

And I would love for your support.
If you're participating, go ahead and look me up,
Add me as a Writing Buddy!

And wish me luck!