Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Design Updates

I'm thinking of changing some things.

You see, I've noticed a wee bit of scroll-lag,
and I'm none too happy about it.

You may have already noticed some small tweaks here and there:
Changing some headers,
Condensing some links,
Removing a badge,

But the lag is still here.

About the only thing left is the template design.

So, since I'm going to be changing things anyway,
I'd like a little input from You, the reader.

How's the color-scheme?
Is there enough space?
Is the title-image too large?
Do you want boxes in the sidebar?
Corners or round-offs?

Now's your chance to leave your two cents.
Just leave me a comment below
and a week from today I'll officially start the renovations (big or small).

P.S. For more feedback fun, check out my polls at the bottom of the page!